In two

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Closing up, observing: rushes. Walking away, blurring: slows. Counted one by one, mixed the other’s, the outcoming sound waves, relentless. Erratic. Overlying hollow strokes, rise our chest. Echoing in the distance that makes us strangers. It’s only if I pass through and breathe your scent, I put in, you. The pace tunes, gentle, one the other. In two, over there, a silent breathe hearing. Not any noise. Full life. The silence is the room in two heartbeat.  

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I am sure that my letter lays ready to be sent on the top of the beside table you have on the right side of your bed. It’s like a small island of serenity in the middle of what we can easily call a full chaos. Books, papers, clothes, all across the room, they surround that small amount of light, the one that seems free of dust. One day you found a straight path inside yourself that you decided to ride and so you wrote it, many weeks ago in one of those so common rainy days you have over there. After all this time has passed, you probably wouldn’t agree anymore so much with some part of the script, written in those first days where your memory was still fresh, and somehow, excited. I could clearly see the tip of your ball point pen approaching the surface of the…

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