Hi, I’m Michele and I was born in nineteen seventy, September the twelfth. I like nice surprises so if at the end of the summer you’d decide to offer me a gift that I don’t expect, well I would appreciate it. My training is in the information technology and for work I deal with behaviors. I like logic and thought, manual skills and imagination.

I undergo a writing course at the Scuola Holden and a director course at the Paolo Grassi but I’m neither a writer nor a director, indeed I lack practice, I put it here because it sounds cool and this are big words; I am anyway an actor and theater teacher, there, yes, I practiced.

I have a passion for mountaineering and for the mountains in general. I have climbed some 4000 in the Italian Alps. I’m not so bad in some sports too (mountaineering is not a sport!): Running, cycling, skiing (also ski touring and snowboarding), volleyball and sailing.

I love reading and my favorite author is Erri De Luca with whom I also crossed my forks. The latest books I have read or am reading at the moment are down below.
A trait that you can find in me and that I like is curiosity.

Everything you find written in this blog represents my personal way of knowing the world and the humans around me. None of what I write can be directly related to people or events that have really happened. If something embarrasses you or you are openly against its publication, please contact me: I think I’m sensible enough to listen but I’m not going to lose sleep on it.