Many other verbs

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We know you since many years You know yourselves since many years You’ve got hugged slipped out hidden chased listened loved forgiven excited called You’ve got picked up Picked up like to search (sooner) picked up like to match (later). And you matched so much that today you’ve got married Many other verbs will happen Some outside you Others, like blessings, inside you Let all these verbs find you as you are today Bride and Groom

In two

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Closing up, observing: rushes. Walking away, blurring: slows. Counted one by one, mixed the other’s, the outcoming sound waves, relentless. Erratic. Overlying hollow strokes, rise our chest. Echoing in the distance that makes us strangers. It’s only if I pass through and breathe your scent, I put in, you. The pace tunes, gentle, one the other. In two, over there, a silent breathe hearing. Not any noise. Full life. The silence is the room in two heartbeat.