Many other verbs

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We know you since many years You know yourselves since many years You’ve got hugged slipped out hidden chased listened loved forgiven excited called You’ve got picked up Picked up like to search (sooner) picked up like to match (later). And you matched so much that today you’ve got married Many other verbs will happen Some outside you Others, like blessings, inside you Let all these verbs find you as you are today Bride and Groom


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I am sure that my letter lays ready to be sent on the top of the beside table you have on the right side of your bed. It’s like a small island of serenity in the middle of what we can easily call a full chaos. Books, papers, clothes, all across the room, they surround that small amount of light, the one that seems free of dust. One day you found a straight path inside yourself that you decided to ride and so you wrote it, many weeks ago in one of those so common rainy days you have over there. After all this time … Read More